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The Project

The Reckoning Project's larger mission will be realized through a series of larger media projects to be completed throughout its time in Ukraine. 

These media projects are the principle focus of The Reckoning Project, on top of its work training journalists and researchers to collect, verify, and codify war crimes testimonies for use in future court cases. New installments of The Project will be added to this page.

Forced Relocation of Children

Yevhen Mezhevyi, 39—whose hometown of Mariupol, Ukraine, was relentlessly bombarded by the Russian military—is now living in Riga, Latvia, with his children.BY MARIS MORKANS.

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“Dad, You Have to Come—Or We Will Be Adopted!”: One Ukrainian Family’s Harrowing Wartime Saga

Three children survived the siege of Mariupol, forced relocation, their father’s horrific detainment, and their own exile—to Russia.

Iryna Lopatina, TRP Researcher, for Vanity Fair

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