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Kidnapped Children in the Shadow of Conflict

Kharkiv city center after a Russian bombardment, March 22. (Rafael Yaghobzadeh/Rafael Yaghobzadeh/Libération)

A year after the start of the war in Ukraine, Liberation gives the floor and the pen to the inhabitants and refugees of a bruised country, with Libé des Ukrainians. Find all the articles of this edition here, and the newspaper on newsstands, Monday, February 20.

One year already that the Russians commit one of the worst international war crimes: the deportation of children, often torn from their parents. While the Ukrainian authorities search for a way to repatriate the civilians, the desperate parents try to get their children back to Russia on their own. But they face inordinate obstacles.

Iryna, mother of Maksym (1), 15, traveled more than 10,000 kilometers to find her son, five months after their separation in October. She crossed three countries by bus, train and plane. Maksym studied at the Maritime College in Kherson, then still occupied by the Russians. One day he called his mother: "Mom, I'm on a boat, they're taking us to Crimea." The children were abruptly taken out of their classroom and taken from the right bank to the left bank of the river, in the region which is still today under Russian occupation.

Read the full story in Libération here.


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