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Patricia Zraidi


Patricia "Pat" Zraidi boasts a rich history in international business, commerce, and administration. Driven by the entrepreneurial pulse of the modern global economy, Zraidi showcases a balance between steadfast loyalty and an eagerness for innovation and growth. Graduating Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Business Management from Sacred Heart University in Connecticut, her influence in the business sector has been palpable.

Zraidi's early career days as an assistant in a boutique accounting firm laid the foundation for her subsequent role at Omega Engineering, a prestigious engineering corporation known for its expansive international outreach. There, she ascended to the helm of the international credit and collections department, marking her indomitable spirit and capability.

In 1999, Zraidi's journey took her to Paris, where she navigated new horizons. She aligned with MESSAGE, a renowned non-profit dedicated to supporting English-speaking parents in Paris, where she served as Treasurer and a pivotal board member. 2004 witnessed Zraidi 's entrepreneurial flair when she inaugurated her own venture. Recognizing the evolving business landscape with its shifting boundaries, she adeptly offers remote financial, administrative, assistant, and professional services.

Patricia Zraidi's mission revolves around delivering top-tier bookkeeping and executive business/administrative support, catering predominantly to non-profits, small businesses, and visionary entrepreneurs.

Patricia Zraidi
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