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"Justice Delayed is Justice Denied"

 What We Do 

The Reckoning Project brings on-the-ground investigative journalists, who collect witness testimonies from sites of human rights violations, war crimes, and atrocities, together with lawyers. They work together to stamp out impunity through the courts of law, courts of public opinion, and available accountability pathways.

Featured Justice Initiatives

The Reckoning Project files a criminal complaint in Republic of Argentina.

Recent Media Features

Stay Current with TRP

We are constantly in the field, at high-level governmental and international meetings and conferences around the world. We are present in legal processes and international publications. Stay current with us by following our Instagram feed.

The Reckoning Project Methodology

We focus on individuals, stories and testimonies, and the human element of crimes. Evidence is collected in real-time or shortly after an atrocity occurs. We are governed by the Do No Harm Principle and the Berkeley Protocol.


Our interview methodology ensures we do not contaminate evidence - researchers make sure the witness is genuinely consenting before we begin interviews. We ask open and non-leading questions. Our researchers are trained in recognizing trauma and avoiding re-traumatizing someone who is telling their story. Our verification is correct, concise and concrete.

The witness testimonies we collect are being featured in international outlets to make sure that justice in all its forms is not forgotten, even as war retreats from the front pages.

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Leveraging Media Resources

We leverage the media relationships built over decades by our staff, researchers, and board members to keep human rights atrocities at the forefront of discussions happening in print, online, and on television. 

Testimonies collected by our researchers are regularly cited and shared, and the consistent spotlight on atrocities helps expedite justice for victims of war crimes.

Our Team

Get to know the members of The Reckoning Project's award-winning team of multimedia journalists, documentary filmmakers, academics, lawyers, and war crimes researchers. 

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