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 Our Mission 

“Above all, what The Reckoning Project wants, is to eradicate impunity and bring justice.”
– Janine di Giovanni

The Reckoning Project fights for truth and justice, and against disinformation and impunity, both in the court of public opinion and the courts of law. 

Our team has learned firsthand that in too many horrifying conflicts, national and international courts have dismissed testimonies collected by journalists due to discrepancies between legal and journalistic modes of investigation. The Reckoning Project is closing this gap by training conflict journalists and researchers to swiftly record, collect, and conserve witness statements in a way to preserve their integrity for use in a court of law. We also ensure that any published stories in the court of public opinion are grounded in law. We counter propaganda and disinformation by writing the truth.

The truth is in our evidence, and evidence does not lie. 







Beyond the scope of using testimonies to secure justice, we strive to ensure that the agony of victims of human rights abuses is never forgotten, even as war retreats from the headlines. Multimedia projects, including digital storytelling, are being used to illustrate experiences and to memorialize our findings. The Reckoning Project partners with the Weiser Center for Europe & Eurasia at the University of Michigan, whose team created a website featuring two interactive maps and an archive of testimonies. The website serves as a pedagogical tool and memorial to the victims of the war in Ukraine. 

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