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Journalistic Warfare: Janine di Giovanni's Quest for Justice in Russia's War Against Ukraine


Janine di Giovanni, journalist, director and co-founder of the 'Reckoning' project, talked about her work in Ukraine and her impressions of it as part of the project 'On the Edge'. The guest of the program helps document the war crimes of the Russian army. The author of a unique project, created together with Natalia Humeniuk, di Giovanni collects the evidence of the monstrous crimes of Russia in Ukraine, combining them into one big archive, and actively tries to make the international community aware of the horrors of the war against Ukraine. The methods of collecting evidence are very different from the standard interview, so the data collected will be almost impossible to refute in court. For more details about the project and what journalistic ethics should be in times of war, watch the interview.

Watch the full segment here.


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