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Features based on witness testimonies

Each of these features have been developed over many months, using our witness testimonies. 

TRP's Video Featured at US House Foreign Affairs Committee Full Committee Hearing on Russia’s War Crimes

On April 19, the House Foreign Affairs Committee had a hearing on Russian war crimes. During this hearing, a video from TRP was featured, sharing testimonies of war crimes our journalists and researchers have collected. Present at the hearing were Ukrainian war crimes victims and Ukrainian Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin.

Created by TRP in partnership with Public Interest Journalism Lab


Inside the Basement Where an Entire Ukrainian Village Spent a Harrowing Month in Captivity

The Ukrainian village of Yahidne was one of the first places invaded by Russian troops in the early days of the war. Residents were forced into the basement of the local school for nearly a month, where conditions were deplorable. 17 people died in Yahidne during the occupation.

By Svitlana Oslavska, TRP Researcher

This media project was created for TIME. It's available in English and Ukrainian.


"They didn’t understand anything, but just spoiled people’s lives": How Russian invaders unleashed violence on small-town residents

By Anne Applebaum and Nataliya Gumenyuk

Nataliya Gumenyuk is a founding member, editor, and lead journalist of TRP.

This media project was created for The Atlantic. A later version in Ukrainian was published on Ukrainska Pravda.

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"Russia Attacked a Ukrainian Shopping Mall With a Missile. The War Hasn't Been the Same Since."

A year ago this week, an assault on a Kremenchuk mall was part of a series of air strikes targeting civilians. Ukraine's prosecutor general's office believes this could be ruled a crime against humanity. 

By Sabra Ayres and Nadia Burdei, TRP editorial team members

This media project was created for Vanity Fair.

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"An Inside View of a Deadly Attack on a Ukrainian Rail Station"

Survivors detail how a Russian missile strike disrupted the evacuation of civilians from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

By Nataliya Gumenyuk and Olena Nizhelska

Nataliya Gumenyuk is a founding member, editor, and lead journalist of TRP.

Olena Nizhelska is a TRP researcher.

This testimony-based feature was created for New Lines Magazine.

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Inside Putin's Torture Chambers

Occupied Ukraine is a world of beatings, electrocution and endless pain. This multimedia project covers the torturous treatment of Ukrainian civilians by the Russians occupying their towns. 

By David Patrikarakos, TRP Researcher

This media project was created for UnHerd.


One day under Putin’s unguided bombs

The Reckoning Project interviews survivors of the airstrike on Chernihiv to piece together the events of their lives before and after the March 3, 2022 attack. Their interviews tell the story behind the tragic day. 

By Vira Kuryko, TRP Researcher

This project was published by a number of media in different parts of the world including Rappler, Infobae, City Press, Veridica, and Ukrainska Pravda.

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Vladimir Putin's Inhumane Blueprint to Terrorize Civilians in Chechnya, Syria - and Now Ukraine

A year into the war, a veteran conflict reporter presents a withering assessment of the Russian leader’s strategy of systematic carnage in three decimated cities: Grozny, Aleppo, and Mariupol.

By Janine di Giovanni, executive director and co-founder of The Reckoning Project

This media project was created for Vanity Fair.


“Dad, You Have to Come—Or We Will Be Adopted!”: One Ukrainian Family’s Harrowing Wartime Saga

Three children survived the siege of Mariupol, forced relocation, their father’s horrific detainment, and their own exile—to Russia.

By Iryna Lopatina, TRP Researcher

This media project was created for Vanity Fair. Later version in Ukrainian was published on Ukrainska Pravda.

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